Anne W

I started Nordic Walking with Alison in spring 2017. I couldn’t have chosen a better instructor.

A careful explanation was given both on the taster session as well as during the training. Nothing seems to be too much trouble however difficult the students find the technique. Alison adapts the class to manage students with many different abilities.

Once trained, Alison organises walks for different ages, abilities and levels of fitness. If there are mixed abilities, the walk is adapted to suit all. Everyone finishes the walk with that feel-good factor, whatever their level of fitness.

During a week there will be shorter walks in local parks for beginners or those less able, as well as adventure walks for those needing a challenge. Alison will advise walkers as to which walks will suit them best.

Alison is keen to support groups keen to walk such as charitable organisations or social groups. She will put on a free promotional session.

Alison is keen to promote Nordic walking as a means of improving Quality of Life for those less able, as well as promoting it to improve the health of the general public.

Nordic Walking isn’t just a physical activity. It is a social outing, excellent for making new friends and so is very good for mental wellbeing. Everyone is made to feel very welcome whether a local person or visiting from further afield.