Alison Sabine-Accredited Nordic Walking Instructor

Dr Alison Sabine is a qualified NWUK Instructor and runs Heart of England Nordic Walking, which offers a variety of walks, classes and activities in and around the Solihull area.

After more than 25 years working in hospital medicine and specialising in Rheumatology, Alison is more committed than ever to focus on health promotion and disease prevention. She is keen to see a shift in the way chronic disease is managed, so instead of continuing to treat symptoms of disease with medication, we search for and address the root cause and see how lifestyle changes may help. Nutrition and exercise are key to this and Alison strongly believes that Nordic walking is a perfect form of exercise for all ages and abilities. It is safe and effective, gentle on the joints but can also satisfy those who want more of a challenge.

Alison underwent a hip replacement in 2014 so she understands the challenges of both the pre and post operative periods and rehabilitation and has personally found Nordic walking hugely beneficial but she is also constantly inspired by the amazing improvements in other people’s health and wellbeing once they feel motivated towards change.